Telephony Time Clock

Home Health Care Accountability

The Telephony Time Clock System is a tool we utilize to ensure that each caregiver arrives at a client’s home. It also calculates the total number of hours our caregivers work with clients each week-allowing us to provide accurate billing to our clients. The way the Telephony system works is simple. When our caregivers arrive or depart from a client’s home, they are required to dial a toll free number, using the client’s phone. This sends a signal to our office notifying us of their arrival and departure time. In the event, that the caregiver fails to dial in at the scheduled time, the system will send us an instant notification-giving us the opportunity to assess why the caregiver is late.

Home Health Care Supervisory Visits

Nurse Supervisory Visits

In addition to the Telephony Time Clock System, we perform monthly supervisory visits to ensure that each caregiver is following the client specific plan of care that is established at the start of our home care services. During the visit we also assess our clients to see if any changes are needed in the amount of hours the client is receiving, health concerns, and to see if the client has any concerns about their caregiver’s performance.